Welcome to Precision Metabolic Health

Looking for guidance on a holistic and lifestyle-based journey of health? 

Are you struggling with low energy, nutrition confusion, digestive issues, and/or weight concerns?
Do you want to fully optimize your health for a long and healthy lifespan?
At Precision Metabolic Health, we help patients discern among labelled diets and exercise regimen confusion using a nuanced, personalized holistic approach. 
We partner with you to create an individualized metabolic nutrition program based on your own body’s chemistry and your personality and we start you on a journey that results in improved health outcomes, vitality, and a clearer picture of the right path for YOU!

In 15 minutes, let’s chat about your top concerns and I’ll share my approach and recommendations to get started.

My background as a clinician in gastroenterology and my personal and professional experience in metabolic dysfunction have now intertwined with my experience as a culinary instructor to provide you with a full spectrum approach to a lifestyle-oriented philosophy of your health. You can read more about my experience and training here

A healthy future is easier with the right support and expert guidance by your side.  Got 15 mins?

I’m learning about appropriate amounts of carbs, fats, & protein, as well as amounts of sodium I’m consuming. She is highly knowledgeable about foods and how they help or hinder me.
Connie R.
Shefaly went through a methodical process of testing as to identify the root cause of my pain, she didn't prescribe a medicine just for pain but took the time and energy to go into a multi-month journey with me that helped find the root cause that no doctors before have been able to identified (I have suffered of this pain for years)
Ana V.
My experience was different from the typical experience in a doctor’s office. I felt this addressed my specific health issues. The testing recommended helped identify specific issues and the solutions provided have been successful.
Laura R.

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Healing Foods

Interested in seeing how food tracking works? Try out cronometer.com
I have all my patients use this for me to assess and guide their nutrition journey.

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data
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