My name is Shefaly Ravula and I’m a board certified physician associate, a global foods cooking instructor and educator, a word puzzle fanatic, a tennis champ wannabe, a cookbook collector, and a proud wife and a mother of two with an amazing cultural family background that has been the crux and purpose of my journey.

These two different careers, one in food and one in both conventional and alternative medicine, have simmered over the last 15 years and become layered and complex much like a stew that has been nurtured for hours on the stove. Toss in some extra ingredients such as coursework and training (varying from functional medicine to obesity medicine to nutrigenomics), the stew is ready. And ready to serve the public. 

Launching Precision Metabolic Health has come truly full circle for me, bringing two worlds together by using one of them to actually treat the other, in a holistic and integrated mindset.

So what is it that I do? 

I help people and patients solve the eternal question of “What should I eat?” to increase energy and vitality, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and increase longevity. I utilize personalized lab work and culinary medicine, even nutrigenomics, to help resolve metabolic dysfunction, prevent chronic illness and optimize health outcomes.

I have personally been on a health and nutrition optimization journey ever since my Dad, a young thin vegetarian man, survived a heart attack about 15 years ago. I feel I must bring what I know to my patients by empowering them with information, access, data, education, and enlightenment!


All while doing this, I also practice self-care. It is of utmost importance to our health.
Please do the same and allow me to guide you on the right journey for you!