Medicine and Metabolic Health


Food as Medicine for Metabolic Dysfunction and Health

Lifestyle medicine expert Shefaly Ravula, PA-C, wants men to go to the doctor—every year


I took your Food as Medicine class a couple of weeks ago with my daughter. (Best Mothers Day gift!) I have prepared 3 of the recipes and my husband loved them all. That’s a quite an accomplishment for a born & bred west Texas meat, potatoes & something fried boy… Thank you for a wonderful class.
–Mary Hughey

I wanted to thank you for giving us a fabulous class.  I learned a lot and got so motivated that I tried the carrot-ginger soup, the plant-forward taco night and they were delicious. The fenugreek fish curry was so good that I went to the Shoal creek nursery and bought the seeds of the plant and hopefully the plant will grow in my garden very soon. Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
–Cecilia La Cour