The Fatty Liver Culinary Medicine Toolkit

If you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, then you are at the right place!

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Because I have worked in a conventional gastroenterology setting in the past, I am knowledgeable not only about nutrition, but also about metabolic dysfunction processes and I have this toolkit in mind for you to get started on a successful journey reversing it and having better health outcomes in all areas of metabolic health! Grab your e-book! 

This e-book, by all means, is not a comprehensive fatty liver guide. There are many other concepts to evaluate in the realm of fatty liver disease or any metabolic disease process, ranging from supplements to stage of disease to nuances of various diets and fasting and more! Know that this e-book is a GENERAL guide and is mostly my way of getting to the tip of the iceberg and beginning a process that will take time. 

Disclaimer: By receiving this e-book, you understand that we do not have a patient-provider relationship and that we are not giving medical advice here. Please discuss with your doctor or provider.