Food As Medicine for Heart Health Month

This month has much meaning for me as what drove my windy career path to the present was a coronary event that my father had (and survived) many years ago.

Since heart disease is still the number one killer in the USA for men and women, I’m so glad a whole month is dedicated to its awareness. Though the month does compete with Valentines Day (month?)…

If you are wanting something decadent and chocolatey for Valentine’s Day then have it maybe just on that day 🙂 Since the flavor of cacao is so complex, it can stand alone, without too much sweetness and it can pair with other types of fats other than butter (if you need to moderate that, which we all should to some degree).

Try this recipe (the version without peanut butter was a big hit in our cookbook club some years go) and if you’re interested in learning more about cacao and its health benefits with a cooking demo, next week we will have the lesson published in the Food As Medicine Academy.

In the meantime, if you missed the Blood Sugar Reset, the waiting list is waiting for your name for the next time around! Blood sugar regulation is key for reducing inflammation, which is key for risk reduction in coronary artery disease.

If you like Instagram: check out my interview with the Heart Attack Thriver which we did this week. He is an individual who reached out to me to understand more of culinary medicine for heart health so if you like that media platform check it out!

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