How are those New Year’s resolutions holding?

STOP for a minute, if you’re grumbling to yourself that you’ve fallen off the wellness wagon. 

Habits. Are. Hard. 

Whether you break them or make them, they are just so darn hard. That’s why there are so many habit books out there.

While I don’t have any secrets to share, I will say I am trying the Tiny Habits method myself and I really like it! It’s not QUITE new to me and I’ve used much of this in coaching my clients and patients, but I do like the language he uses around creating the habits (i.e. using an anchor and having an instant celebration). To get a synopsis, just listen to this podcast episode, if you don’t have time for the book. 

So, remember the DOT that I introduced in December? This is the “DO ONE THING” for the week. 

This can tie into your Tiny Habits or be part of your resolutions. But if you don’t have either, I invite you to do this DOT this week:  

Think of ONE small thing you’ve been wanting to do, or get better at, or stay consistent with? It doesn’t have to be related to food-as-medicine or nutrition. I’m talking about a tiny thing at this point, not a large goal like learning a new language (though of course that could be broken down into small things to attain too!). 

Attach that one tiny thing to something you do daily already. 

I plan on clearing the dishes from the dishwasher RIGHT after I turn the kettle on for my coffee-making process. That way I have a nice clean kitchen to cook from the rest of the day. Silly and small I know, but somehow, I just can never manage to do it and then it’s not until the end of the day. That’s how specific the Tiny Habits book gets. 

So that’s my DOT this week. I am going to clear those dishes every day. What is your plan? 

Some ideas could be:

  1. “I’m going to add that collagen protein powder (here are a couple of my favorites) in my morning coffee, right after I pour the cup”.
  2. “I’m going to take my vitamins right after I put my dinner plate in the sink, before I start cleaning up”.
  3. “I’m going to eat a Brazil nut and a handful of almonds (by keeping it accessible on the counter) as my afternoon break, when I get up to go to the restroom”.

I’d love to hear what you want to try or have tried!

Next week I’m going to switch gears and share some information about nutrigenomics, a field I have been training in for over a year and a half  and I have found it to be the future of personalized nutrition. 

Have a wonderful day!

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