Shef's Faves


This is an idea of what you might see here:
  • things that have become useful to me and my family, like a new (or old) kitchen gadget or a helpful meal planning chart
  • favorite cookbooks (I am a collector!)
  • artisan food products, like a new favorite butter, or a new fun snack, beverage, or ingredient
  • a newfound (or old) favorite recipe on the Internet
  • and sometimes, a cookshop or farm or other food-related venue
This is what you won’t see:
  • anything I don’t already own or use, except for a few things I just want very BADLY and might already own by the time you finish reading this.
  • anything sponsored by a brand. If I choose to do this kind of writing on my blog in the future, I won’t be doing it here.

As always, I disclose that I am an Amazon affiliate member, so if you end up purchasing something that you found on my site, I get a few measly cents, which eventually might actually help pay for the back end of this blog to maintain itself! 🙂

Here’s an absolute fave, but slightly advanced:
Here’s an excellent beginner to understanding the basics of flavor, not necessarily cooking technique.
Basic, but has meats too. Excellent written recipes. No fail.
For vegetarian/international flavors:
And finally plant-heavy/pescatarian, flavorful, healthy:


Indian-ish is fusion but popular

Dishoom is SUPER popular as a restaurant, but not sure about the recipe writing yet.

The last link, maya kaimal’s book, tried and true recipes.

Feasting Your Eyes: Gift These Cookbooks!